This is How We Do It

20140926_195634This weekend in Windsor was for me, inspiring.  With so many good things that happened on the Riverfront, I was the most exciting about the food truck rally.  Over 3000 people went down on Friday night, the trucks sold out before 9 pm. The second night they sold out earlier.  I have been passionate about food, especially food education for a decade.  I have been passionate about Windsor my whole life.

People complain a lot about not maximizing one of the many unique and defining features of our city, our Riverfront. I believe that was accomplished this weekend.  I also believe it was a precursor to things to come. It is important to not only to be forward thinkers, but act progressively as well.  The food truck rally and the entire w.a.v.e.s. festival was a glimpse into the some of Windsor’s unlocked potential.

I know it’s election time.  I’m not trying to tell you who to vote for. I do urge you to vote for whomever as long as you vote. I’m also giving you a link with more information about the weekend, some pictures, and hopefully you sign the petition.