Windsor City Council – April 7, 2015

This week’s City Council was a fairly light one, but held a lot of focus around Windsor heritage buildings.

Three Heritage Awards were presented to the owners of Windsor properties:
Mike Brkovich for renovating the former Walkerville Garage and Roxy Ballroom (1912) on Kildare Rd into an office building
Stephen Hargreaves and Ron Drouillard for renovating the former Superior Piston Ring Company building (1924) on Lincoln Rd into City Cyclery
Jordan and Joshua Goure for renovating the former Meisener Wholesale Chocolates building (1920) on University Ave E into Brew micro-brewery.

Congratulations on your awards! Amazing work!!

Next, the biggest topic up for debate was tax rebates for heritage building owners. The original recommendation was to provide an automatic 10% basic rebate for those who put their building on the registry and make available an additional rebate amount of up to 30% for those owners who actually put money into renovations and maintenance.
Councillor Gignac made a motion to eliminate the automatic 10%. Some argued that the 10% provides an incentive for building owners to register their property and maintain it, while others argued property owners should have to do more to qualify for a rebate.
Council voted 5-5, with Mayor Drew Dilkens casting the deciding 6th vote that eliminated the automatic 10%.

The 10% would be have been nice, and a great incentive to have more buildings in Windsor saved, but it’s still a win to have the 30% available to those who are making the effort to maintain their building.