Blue Dot Update – April 27

Wow! and I mean wow!

When WE-YACC began conversations about organizing a Blue Dot Movement in mid-March, we knew it would be awesome but we didn’t know it would be THIS awesome.
After working with Cameron Elser from the David Suzuki Foundation we got started and planned our first event – Connect the Blue Dots Windsor – part of a large cross-Canada call to action to show how big the Blue Dot Movement really is. We had about 50 people attend who were very keen on helping out and volunteering how they could.  Amazing.

Yesterday WE-YACC set up shop at Earth Day at Malden Park. It was a beautiful, albeit very cold, day and it was wonderful to see so many people outside, enjoying nature and celebrating Earth. We gained at least 80 new supporters – not even counting the supporters on our Kids’ Petition. Check it out:

It was really great to get a chance to talk to so many young people about why a healthy environment is important, because they just get it. Many who stopped by had great messages to share and we even met one kindergartener who started an eco-club at his school. Can I say Wow! again?!

We have been asked to present to classrooms at two Windsor schools so far and we are so excited to get young learners involved. The Blue Dot Movement is about every Canadian’s future, especially our young people’s.  Cameron Elser said:

Youth, students and teachers have been integral in achieving municipal healthy environment declarations in Richmond, B.C., The Pas, Manitoba, and Victoria, BC. In Richmond, young people made presentations to council, eloquently stating the importance of environmental rights.
In The Pas, children achieved a declaration by writing and making presentations to council. Now, these students are encouraging other students in Manitoba to strive for similar achievements.
See the story of The Pas here:
In Victoria 10-year old Rupert Ladell called on his City Council to stand up for the right to a healthy environment:

David Suzuki says students are showing that “young people can take the initiative and get older folks to act on their behalf.” By participating in the Blue Dot movement, students are learning about the environment, how to be active in the community, how decisions are made for a community and what it means to be a global citizen. By leading the Movement in Windsor, we want to inspire other young people from surrounding communities to champion the initiative and make a positive change for where they live.

Where we are now:
2 events completed
120 new signatures
1 full kid’s petition
3 events upcoming
4 events in the works
1 upcoming school assembly
4 (and counting) classroom visits

We would love to come to your school or classroom! Please contact us at to connect with us and see what we can do for your students. We can also come to any business or organization to give a presentation.
Have an idea or want to get involved in some other way? Please feel free to email us as well! We want all residents involved and active to make the Blue Dot Movement a success!

To view photos of our events so far – please head over to our Facebook page.

If you haven’t yet – please consider joining the Blue Dot Movement at

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